Our activity dates back to 2007 when we undertook the construction of the first car, i.e. the BMW E30. Even then, the special sign of the car was the color scheme, applied solutions, strong emphasis on the so-called “Custom work” and attention to detail. The CLM brand (acronym from the name coel motorsport) was created two years later, but then our goal was clearly defined – unusual parts, original in terms of design and functionality.

The main assumption and basic principle, from which we never make exceptions, is the quality of the product that distinguishes us from the competition, which we achieve through the modern process of designing, manufacturing and improving the already applied solutions. Simplicity combined with remarkable design is an additional argument in favor of our solutions.

One of the main principles in business is that every satisfied customer returns. We strive to maintain contact with our clients and encourage them to share photos and videos with us from their trainings or competitions. Our goal is to build a community of users who, through the exchange of experience and mutual support, will achieve better results and solve problems encountered more quickly.

We invite new customers to take advantage of our offer, and thank you for recognition to the returning customers.