COELMOTORSPORT team are people with experience and knowledge, driven only by passion. We build drift cars and engines for motorsport. We are also active competition drivers so we test all of our solutions in national and international competitions. Due to the fact that we have powerful design and production facilities, cars coming from our hands are unique in terms of both design details and technical and technological solutions.

Our basic principle is that we build cars comprehensively. We do not undertake to “improve” cars built by other companies. We work with the best suppliers of parts and we are able to meet the most difficult challenges.

The construction of the car in our company begins with “getting to know” the driver. Then a coarse cost estimate and a contract template are prepared. After signing the contract within 14 days, we present a comprehensive schedule of work and purchase of parts, while the client pays an advance of 30% of the project. The whole work on the car is divided into stages, which after the completion of a certain stage are received by the acceptance protocol. Subsequent payments are based on the acceptance protocols. The final payment (no more than 15%) takes place after presenting the tuning documents of the car or signing the final acceptance protocol. The engines we build are tuned only in the place indicated by COELMOTORSPORT (dynamometer STW) and under the supervision of an employee of our company.

We grant 12 months warranty for all hidden defects.

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