Fuel tank 30 L

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The CLM fuel tank is made entirely of aluminum. Aluminum sheet, 2 and 3 mm thick, from which the tank was made, was cut with a fiber type CNC laser and bent on an edge press to minimize the number of joints. The lid of the tank was made of 3 mm sheet metal, and the fillet was made from a seamless tube. The fuel filler cap is made of a very durable and resistant plastic. The dimensions of the tank and the shape of the bottom cause that it was not necessary to use additional baffles or foam. The tank has two outputs in the bottom undercut and a vent in the top cover. The dimensions and shape of the CLM tank filler allow you to connect it to a serial infusion in your car. The tank is welded with the TIG method in an argon 5.5 shield by a qualified welder.

Tank dimensions: 400 x 400 x 250 mm
Tank capacity: 40 liters
Fuel filler diameter: ext. 50 mm / int. 42 mm
Output thread 1 (feed): G3 / 8 “(approx. 15 mm)
Output thread 2 (return): G1 / 4 “(approx. 12 mm)
Thread for venting: G1 / 4 “(approx. 12 mm)
Material: aluminum PA11 / PA38
Welding technique: manual TIG welding in orgone cover
Finishing method: sandblasted and powder coated
Mounting: Bottom mounting 4x M8


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